I'm Benji.

Mechanical Engineer(ish)

About Me

I’m a rising 3rd year student at UC Davis majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Electrical Engineering. I like to design cool things.


I’m interested in a lot of things. Larry Page once said the ability to understand how different disciplines work together allows for a greater ability to think differently. I'd like to think my work reflects that!

Boston Scientific- R&D Engineering Intern

June-September 2018

Characterized and tested the durability of artficial heart valves. Built machines to test structural reliability of metal components.
Why cut open your chest during open-heart surgery when you can use this!

Human Performance Lab-Undergraduate Researcher

April-June 2018

People spend on average 7-9 hours idle per day. Historical evidence shows that prolonged sedentary behavior increases onset mortality risk.
I conducted research examining if standing desks are actually beneficial on a biomechanical and metabolical basis.

Engineering Peer Advisor

September 2017-Present

I help with career advice relating anywhere from resumes, cover letters, and how to most efficiently tackle the job search.

Regional San-Mechanical Engineering Intern

June-December 2017

Worked with wastewater that gets cleaned and sent back to the Sacramento River. Analyzed a lot of data and built data transfer tools
to automate processes.